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postheadericon Looking for an Article Writer? Hire Me!

Lately, Ive been looking for other ways on how I could earn money online. I find blogging alone cannot sustain our family’s needs specially this time that there’s no direct advertisers who offer sponsored post opportunities on my blogs. Ive been searching online on some freelancing jobs available but most of them are looking for an expert on a certain field such as virtual assistant with online experience, social media marketers, SEO specialist, website builder, designer so on and so forth.

Since its my first time to apply for an online job, the only thing I know is that I blog and I write what I have in mind. I find writing an articles or being a content writer is the perfect job that best suit my qualification as a blogger. I am competent, teachable, being able to write articles on website content, product reviews, blog posts and press releases for SEO purposes and website promotion. I can work full time and have an excellent written English and grammar skills and being able to produce high quality original content. So, if you are looking for a hard working and dependable article writer, you can hire me! :)

postheadericon Appreciating One’s Achievement

Would you be glad if you receive an award of appreciation from your boss or manager out from your hard work or certain achievement? I know it really feels great to be appreciated. Everyone gets a boost of confidence and pride when they find themselves receiving a reward for their accomplishments that’s why trophies are an exceptional way to recognize achievement in numerous forms.

Awards serve as a physical memento of a special moment to be treasured. It can help inspire teamwork, endurance and it shows appreciation for a job well done. Just by looking at those trophies it would remind us of our achievement that would make us feel proud and it will be treasured in our hearts forever.

postheadericon Were Moving…Again

Although our landlord did not tell us directly and frankly about his plan of using this commercial and at the same time our house whom we used to rent with, but we can discern it from his thoughts. He actually bought another re-assumed house from a nearby subdivision and they wanted us to check out the house since they recently made some renovation on it. There are other interested people who wants to buy the house but they prioritize us so we could be the one who will buy the house.

We may not want it but we have no other options. This is just one of the disadvantages specially when you are just renting a house. When the landlord or landlady will tell you that they want use the area or if you already have an overdue rental payment, then you have no choice but to pack all your things and move out. Since I was a child, we are already renting a house.I can’t count how many things that were already damaged and lost because of always moving and transferring from another place.

I just had this bad experience before when I transferred from my hometown to another city. We’ve traveled for several hours and we were caught by rain and some of my things were damaged. I just hired a friend’s elf truck that has no roof in it. If only there’s a reliable and trusted moving company I know that could help me packed up my things and helped reduced those heavy work load, the loading and unloading and the physical fatigue and stress of moving. I hope and pray that this move will be our last move as we transfer to this house where we can call it our own.

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